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WIN Mikel Arteta Signed Puma King Finale Boots!

As part of our SoccerBible Twitter competitions, we're giving you the chance to WIN a pair of nike mercurial vapor signed by Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta! The new Puma King Finale boots have been designed around the Everton play-maker who was seen by Puma as the ideal ambassador for the next generation of the legendary King range...

When the new nike mercurial vapor were first released, we gave you the opportunity to win an Arteta signed pair of the Black Finale boots. Now, with the release of the new, classy White/Black colour-way, Puma have sent us another pair featuring the Spanish mid-fielders signature!

The Spanish schemer began his playing career at Barcelona and has won career honours with both Paris St Germain and Rangers. Since then, Arteta has gone on to firmly establish himself as one of the Premier Leagues most consistent and creative mid-fielders.

So for all of you who missed out last time, be sure to put yourself in with a chance of winning this great pair of signed boots!

To enter, all you have to do is head to our official SoccerBible Twitter page and re-tweet our 'COMP' tweet!

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  • Adidas soccer cleats

    With all the new football boots we get here at SoccerBible HQ, it's easy for our attention to be taken away from other great products on the market. That said, we thought we'd take a look at adidas soccer cleats, the adidas soccer cleats...

    The new adidas soccer cleats have been available for a couple of months now and since their release have been met with a great response. A unique looking turf trainer, the adidas soccer cleats feature technology bespoke to the increasingly popular 5-a-side game.

    With the huge popularity of smaller side matches, adidas have set out to offer a great selection of Futsal and Fives trainers. The adidas soccer cleats are one of the lead products that sit outside of the traditional 11-a-side game and are already gaining a loyal following with small-sided players.

    The newest adidas soccer cleats collection comes in 4 new colour-ways that are packed with new technology's designed to benefit the fast pace nature of smaller side matches.

    5-a-side football has really kicked off over the last few years with players looking to get their mid-week fix of football action. The intensity and range of movements involved in the game, including rapid twists, turns and sprints not only means that it offers a faster-pace work out but also means that brands have to offer unique design concepts when designing a shoe.

    The main concept of the new adidas soccer cleats is simple. ''Control. Don't be controlled.'' A lot of the technology within the shoe is centred around benefiting control of the ball. With minimal time on the ball in 5-a-side matches, your first touch is more crucial than ever. adidas have recognised this and have developed their most control-enhancing shoe to date.

  • nike mercurial vapor
  • nike soccer cleats
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  • adidas Finale London Champions League Football

    There's always something special about adidas soccer cleats and adidas' new Finale London football is the latest addition to a long line of impressive balls!

    We can't put our finger on what makes Champions League balls so special. Maybe it's the connection we have with them to some of footballs historic Champions League moments, or the dream of our own team scoring the winning goal in the Champions League Final! Whatever it is, you can't deny adidas soccer cleats have produced some iconic Champions League balls over the years and the new adidas Finale London football may be one of the best yet...

    Visually, the adidas soccer cleats is packed with a host of unique design features. The famous Champions League stars, that feature an inside hollow blue star, form a network of stars that link up to the bright orange 'Wembley 2011' star.

    One of the best parts of the new adidas Finale London Champions League football is the graphics featured at the centre of the ball. The design theme centres around the symbolic lions of England that can be seen within the two stars connected to the bottom points of the orange star. The famous Champions League crest, that sits beneath the orange 'Wembley 2011' star, is adorned by another two opposite facing lions.

    The adidas Finale London football is stitched in a seamless design from the highest quality materials, offering superior flight, touch and control. High-end materials in cover, backing and bladder are designed for perfect performance. According to adidas, this is as good as footballs get, with the adidas Finale London football achieving the highest FIFA rating.

    The new adidas soccer cleats combines a lot of design features and visuals that come together to create a ball worthy of the occasion. The 2011 Champions League Final will be played at Wembley Stadium in London which is one of the most advanced football arenas on the planet.

    As always, we'd love to hear you opinions on the new adidas Finale London football and what teams you'd like to see playing with it at Wembley this year!

    Only published comments...

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  • Nike Tiempo Legend IV Spotted

    It seems nike mercurial vapor are going to extra lengths to keep their new boots under wraps, but they still can't escape the attention of the eagle-eyed SoccerBible fans who look to have found the new nike soccer cleats.

    Over the weekend an email dropped into our inbox from SoccerBible user dag, of a training session involving players from Russian Premier League side FC Krasnodar and what stood out from this session was the football boots being worn by no. 18 Azim Fatullayev.

    Various unofficial images, drawings and prototypes of the new Nike Tiempo Legend IV football boots have been doing the rounds on the web, but you can't get much closer to an official confirmation than seeing a player in the boots!

    Of course, there's nothing to say that these football boots are indeed the nike mercurial vapor, but a quick glance at the leather upper, heel counter and sole-plate certainly lend themself to the range. And an additional interesting rumour we heard is that the new Legends will be incorporating Nike's innovative Kanga material - so watch this space!

    It also didn't escape our attention that the players were using the official 2011 Women's World Cup football, and it'd be interesting to find out how the new adidas soccer cleats performs!

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  • Ronaldo - Nike's Original Speedster

    Monday 14th of February 2011 will go down in football history as the day one of the worlds greatest players retired from the sport. Brazilian legend Ronaldo has decided to call time on his illustrious career at the age of 34. His name is already cemented in football history and will forever be remembered as one of the all-time greats. His rise from Rio to becoming the world's best player was nothing less than phenomenal.

    Here at SoccerBible, instead of taking you through his endless list of accolades and achievements, we thought we'd remember the influence this legendary player had on the world of football boots and how he changed boot design forever...

    Forget Cristiano Ronaldo and Thierry Henry, when it came to nike mercurial vapor 'Speed' players there was only one man for the job. When designers at nike mercurial vapor decided to pour all of their energy into developing the world's lightest boot, Ronaldo was the obvious choice to front the revolution of football boot design.

    In 1998, football was introduced to a boot that would forever change the game. After extensive testing and research in the Nike labs, Ronaldo was introduced to his new weapon in speed - the very first Mercurial. The original 'Phenomenon' was about to lend his talent, vision and mind-blowing speed to developing the fastest football boot on the planet.

    Disguised as a Tiempo boot, Nike equipped Ronaldo with his new Mercurial boots. He went on to wreak havoc on Serie A defenders for Inter Milan in preparation for the '98 World Cup. French soil was soon to be introduced to the world's fastest player with the world's fastest boots.

    Weeks later, Nike's most valuable asset, R9, used the biggest stage in world football to announce the arrival of the new Mercurial nike soccer cleats. This wasn't just any boot for any player. Ronaldo's new Silver/Blue/Yellow Mercurials created an impact that rippled to all four corners of the globe.

    They caused the kind of stir a shark makes in a fish pond. For boot fans, the France '98 World Cup will forever be associated with the famous Nike R9 Mercurial boots. The marriage of the world's greatest player and the world's fastest boots. R9 marked the beginning of a boot revolution...

    Four years later, R9 was still ruling the football world. Once again, Nike were ready to use the global stage of the 2002 World Cup to introduce the latest, most anticipated boot ever to emerge from the Nike labs - the Nike Mercurial Vapor I. Even Nike couldn't have anticipated the impact Ronaldo and the new Mercurial Vapor boots would have in Korea and Japan...

    The brief for Nike designers was simple - make the lightest football boot ever. The Vapor I's completely broke the mould for lightweight boots. The new era of 'Super-Light' boots had arrived and was set to take the world by storm. The boots weighed an astonishing 194 grams and were the lightest production boots on the market.

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