Nike Tiempo Legend IV Spotted

It seems nike mercurial vapor are going to extra lengths to keep their new boots under wraps, but they still can't escape the attention of the eagle-eyed SoccerBible fans who look to have found the new nike soccer cleats.

Over the weekend an email dropped into our inbox from SoccerBible user dag, of a training session involving players from Russian Premier League side FC Krasnodar and what stood out from this session was the football boots being worn by no. 18 Azim Fatullayev.

Various unofficial images, drawings and prototypes of the new Nike Tiempo Legend IV football boots have been doing the rounds on the web, but you can't get much closer to an official confirmation than seeing a player in the boots!

Of course, there's nothing to say that these football boots are indeed the nike mercurial vapor, but a quick glance at the leather upper, heel counter and sole-plate certainly lend themself to the range. And an additional interesting rumour we heard is that the new Legends will be incorporating Nike's innovative Kanga material - so watch this space!

It also didn't escape our attention that the players were using the official 2011 Women's World Cup football, and it'd be interesting to find out how the new adidas soccer cleats performs!

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