Adidas soccer cleats

With all the new football boots we get here at SoccerBible HQ, it's easy for our attention to be taken away from other great products on the market. That said, we thought we'd take a look at adidas soccer cleats, the adidas soccer cleats...

The new adidas soccer cleats have been available for a couple of months now and since their release have been met with a great response. A unique looking turf trainer, the adidas soccer cleats feature technology bespoke to the increasingly popular 5-a-side game.

With the huge popularity of smaller side matches, adidas have set out to offer a great selection of Futsal and Fives trainers. The adidas soccer cleats are one of the lead products that sit outside of the traditional 11-a-side game and are already gaining a loyal following with small-sided players.

The newest adidas soccer cleats collection comes in 4 new colour-ways that are packed with new technology's designed to benefit the fast pace nature of smaller side matches.

5-a-side football has really kicked off over the last few years with players looking to get their mid-week fix of football action. The intensity and range of movements involved in the game, including rapid twists, turns and sprints not only means that it offers a faster-pace work out but also means that brands have to offer unique design concepts when designing a shoe.

The main concept of the new adidas soccer cleats is simple. ''Control. Don't be controlled.'' A lot of the technology within the shoe is centred around benefiting control of the ball. With minimal time on the ball in 5-a-side matches, your first touch is more crucial than ever. adidas have recognised this and have developed their most control-enhancing shoe to date.

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