adidas Finale London Champions League Football

There's always something special about adidas soccer cleats and adidas' new Finale London football is the latest addition to a long line of impressive balls!

We can't put our finger on what makes Champions League balls so special. Maybe it's the connection we have with them to some of footballs historic Champions League moments, or the dream of our own team scoring the winning goal in the Champions League Final! Whatever it is, you can't deny adidas soccer cleats have produced some iconic Champions League balls over the years and the new adidas Finale London football may be one of the best yet...

Visually, the adidas soccer cleats is packed with a host of unique design features. The famous Champions League stars, that feature an inside hollow blue star, form a network of stars that link up to the bright orange 'Wembley 2011' star.

One of the best parts of the new adidas Finale London Champions League football is the graphics featured at the centre of the ball. The design theme centres around the symbolic lions of England that can be seen within the two stars connected to the bottom points of the orange star. The famous Champions League crest, that sits beneath the orange 'Wembley 2011' star, is adorned by another two opposite facing lions.

The adidas Finale London football is stitched in a seamless design from the highest quality materials, offering superior flight, touch and control. High-end materials in cover, backing and bladder are designed for perfect performance. According to adidas, this is as good as footballs get, with the adidas Finale London football achieving the highest FIFA rating.

The new adidas soccer cleats combines a lot of design features and visuals that come together to create a ball worthy of the occasion. The 2011 Champions League Final will be played at Wembley Stadium in London which is one of the most advanced football arenas on the planet.

As always, we'd love to hear you opinions on the new adidas Finale London football and what teams you'd like to see playing with it at Wembley this year!

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